My father likes his food as spicy as it gets! I remember being little and my dad gave me a bite of his green chili. My eye’s watered up, my nose was running, and my mouth was on fire! Ever since the common hot sauce might as well be a lit match in my mouth. It may all be in my head but to this day I attribute my hate for spice to my dad.




I was planning on using a humidifier to photograph the steam for this picture considering I do not have a steamer available. It turns out my humidifier was also unavailable, gone all together actually, so here is a simple way to achieve steam to Photoshop in later. I took wash cloths got them wet and then placed them in the microwave for a minute or so. After they are taken out they stay steaming for a good amount of time, by moving them around you are able to change the direction and intensity of the steam.


I wanted to photograph what helps to make a person rich inside as well as in their pocket, knowledge.  “The more you learn, the more you earn!” This is my grandfather’s favorite saying and the one I hold closest to heart.


I love crafting, cutting, pasting, gluing, melting, and really using any medium to create. I was working with crayons for a personal project and realized they would work perfect for the texture concept. It is interesting to me that a simple crayon can have so many different textures, smooth, rough, jagged, shiny, dull. I had fun putting this together and think it represents the concept well.

Valentine’s Day

The two best times of my day usually consist of waking up to these eyes so I wanted to show that intimate moment  of first thing I see in the morning and last thing I see at night. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I’m not quite sure why, it may be red is my favorite color, or chocolate is my favorite food, or simply I’m a romantic.

Hotel Newhouse


I did a series shooting neon signs which I was then going to add different tones to. This was my favorite image both in split tone and color.

Almost There

This image is of a local Denver artist that goes by the name of Project Aspect. In the last year and a half he has quickly grown and has played at major local clubs, venues, and festivals. In February of 2010,  he opened for an artist by the name of Mimosa at club vinyl, Mimosa played at Red Rocks for the first time that summer. Project Aspect is just a few steps behind and this image is my interpretation of how it may feel to take it all in when your Almost There!
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